Meet Me On The Mat

I have found my second home. My shrine. My sanctuary. Nestled on my spongy green mat amid the Ganesh statues and Om symbols.  Caressed by the soft sounds of string instruments and ...

My 365 Project- Gratitude & Self Portaits

Who doesn’t love a good challenge? I have tried a couple of times to commit to the 30 day photo challenge and never really quite made it through the whole month.  I ...

Why Namaste?

” I honor the place in you in which the entire universe dwells. I honor the place in you which is of love, of truth, of light and of peace. ...

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Finding My Inner Fabulous

I have pretty much always been a jeans and t-shirt type of girl. Nothing like the snug fit of the perfect pair of jeans and a comfy fitted t-shirt that compliment my sneakers. I am 32 now and I feel the need to work on my grown woman sexy. I want to have the perfect [...]

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Sweet Potato Burger

Now this was a great treat! Crispy, sweet and yummy. In my lifestyle change I have really been pushing myself to try the things I have always claimed not to like. Now I love avocados, eat tomatoes regularly and the sweet potato is next on the list. I found this recipe on line while search for [...]

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The Essentials

So this eating healthy is taking a lot of researching and trial/error! And man it can be costly! The best thing to do is to shop around to see who has the best prices on different items.  I have taken a trip to Krogers, Publix, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and Dekalb Farmer Market.  I bounce [...]

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Some of this… Some of that

So I am nearing the end of my 30 day raw challenge. This is Raw Foodie Day 28! It has been quite a journey let me tell you. I have learned a lot about myself. My will power. My eating habits. My preferences. I am a serious emotional eater. I stay up way too late at [...]

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The Kiwi Kiss

Makes 2-3 servings ( based off a standard mason jar) Ingredients: 2 kiwi 3 green apples 1 medium size pineapple 1 bunch of spinach Directions: Wash apples and spinach Peel kiwi skin off and chop into chunks Chop pineapple and apples into slices Feed into juicer ENJOY! I made the mistake of not peeling the [...]

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Train Durty!

1st 5k race of 2012 I never liked to exercise. I still don’t! Counting crunches, inclined treadmills, laps in the pool. Can’t say it really gets my mojo going lol. What I have learned to embrace is the challenge, the goal, the victory feeling. I relish in the pain and sweat. I push through to [...]

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Raw Ice Cream

This is a great creamy ice cream to make!  I found this recipe on the internet and just had to try it. I don’t really care for nuts so it’s a bit challenging for me with raw recipes because nuts are used alot. Even though the base is cashews I find this ice cream to [...]

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